Monday, March 10, 2008

The Lost Rafting Trip

  It was originally planned as a trip to the Kitzmiller Section of the North Branch of the Potomac but when we got to River Riders Sunday morning, the level was 4.2 and dropping. We weren't really wanting to scrape down the river when it was about 25 degrees and 25 mph winds. We checked out the gauge and saw that the Lost and the South Fork of the South Branch (the Moorefield) were running so we decided to head that way. Amanda, Lauren, Melissa, Bill, Ed and I loaded up the gear and hit the road.

  When we got to the put-in for the Lost, it was running although low, about 3 inches on the bridge gauge, and we decided to check it out. Bill and I had done it before and it was the first time down for everyone else.

  It was cold when we started blowing up the rafts - new 12 ft self bailers that we purchased from NRS last season and wanted to try out. The weather warmed up quickly and with all the gear everyone had on, I don't think anyone got cold on the river.

The trip was a blast. Although it was a bit boney and we had alot of rocks to go around, everything went smoothly except when I fell out it the only class IV on the trip and we broached on the two rocks in the main drop. Ed and Bill and I hooked some webbing and a throwbag to it and were able to pull it off pretty easily. Ed and I then dragged the raft back up and ran it again for redemption and had a clean run. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. We all enjoyed getting back on the water and are looking for spring to be here soon.

Matt, Ed, Melissa, Amanda, Rob, Lauren, and Bill
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