Monday, January 19, 2009

Camping RV Expo with the KOA

  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I traveled to the Washington Camping RV Expo with our partners over at the Harpers Ferry KOA. The first day was a little slow and I was a bit disappointed that I did not get to meet and chat with more people. However, Saturday and Sunday overwhelmingly made up for any disappointment! I met many new faces, talked to seasoned Harpers Ferry guests, and I was able to share all the things I love about Harpers Ferry with lots of campers and their families. Working with Dale the HFKOA General Manager, and Tammy the Activities Coordinator was a ton of fun too. We shared ideas for the coming season and thought about lots of ways we can continue to combine our resources and offerings for our guests. As neighbors, we have a unique opportunity to provide great activities andaccommodations for families and groups visiting Harpers Ferry, as well as providing many conveniences for our guests since our facilities are so close. Stuff like shuttles between us and other attractions throughout the area, and a path to walk between our properties. This ties in well with our continued efforts to become more GREEN! :)
Also, being at the show opened my eyes to the interesting world of camping, which I until now was not familiar with. I'm not talking about your traditional tent and woods camping, but RV camping. At the show, I met campers who are and have been traveling across the country in their RVs for years, I met new campers who were looking to venture into the world of camping, and I learned that RV camping is a thing of its own, a lifestyle and a culture of people living life one moment and one place to the next! People were so friendly and excited to share their traveling experiences. After spending the weekend at the expo, I'm ready to get on the road in my own traveling home! But for now, I'll wait, and save up, while I head back to River Riders to continue to share all the Wild and Wonderful with as many people as I can!

Until Next Time, 
Amanda M.
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