Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Staff Welcome Back Day

  Each year we have an opening meeting to welcome back returning River Riders' staff. This year the opening date was set for Saturday March 28th, and each year our family gets bigger
and bigger! 
  Our itinerary included: catching up with friends (it's been a long 6 months away from our fellow Riders!), filling out 2009 paperwork, and reviewing new and re-fresher trainings. 
  Our staff favorite is our customer and leadership training program called - "Give em the pickle" by Bob Farrell! Certainly a quirky name for an excellent philosophy!

  In addition to the business side of things, we exercised a couple fun team building scenarios, and then kicked off our Staff Physical Fitness Program by running 2 miles, as well as other strength based challenges. 

  Coming in first place for the 2 mile challenge was our Bicycle Manager, Ed Shelly, finishing in a few seconds over 15 minutes! That's 7.5 minutes/mile! He certainly doesn't need a bike to make excellent enviro-friendly travel time! With over 35 staff members taking the challenge, everyone did an excellent job showing we're ready to shape up for the summer fun!

  We're gearing up for the season! Are you? Be sure to ask us for "your pickle" when you visit River Riders in summer 2009!

 Until then, Your Friends, 
The Staff at River Riders
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