Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Newest Addition Will Get Your Feet Off the Ground..

The Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour is officially up and running!

It's finally time to cut the ribbon!
  On June 17th, 2011, Beanstalk Journey from North Carolina helped River Riders' zip line dream come true.
 Complete with 7 zip lines, 4 1/2 belayed ladders, and two bridges, this zip line tour is an adventure beyond your wildest dreams!

  Guests check-in at the River Riders Office, meet their two zip line guides, and are shuttled to the Harpers Ferry Campground.

 After being dropped off, the guides lead guests to entrance rock where they make their way up to the first zip line.

  The Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour offers a new perspective as participants soar through the forest and ascend to higher platforms. Reaching up to 75 feet high, guests can experience a breathtaking view above the treeline.

Arrrgg! Walk the plank!!!
   Groups of up to 8 guests can fit on a single tour. For 2 -4 hours guests will climb, zip, and traverse bridges. There are two bridges guests must cross to get to the next platform and zip line. The first is the wood plan bridge. As participants make their way across, the bridge shakes and swings.

The infamous Burma Bridge.
  The second, named Burma Bridge, is much more daring. High from the forest floor, this bridge is similar to a tightrope with ropes along side to hold onto.

Zip lining on opening day.
  The mission of the Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour is to provide educational and recreational experiences which impel people into adventure resulting in increased self-confidence, the ability to step out of old comfort zones, to have fun, to move their bodies and to open doors that inspire people to live life to the fullest.

  The sun is out, the skies are clear, and the zip line is open! Come out and enjoy the views and thrills on the all-new Harpers Ferry Zip Line Canopy Tour.

Adventure is waiting. 

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