Sunday, September 25, 2011

Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour Halloween Haunt

  It's just about that time of year again, Fall. A time of the year where we at River Riders traditionally start gearing down for the winter. We prepare each year for the summer season and the business of it all. From rafting and tubing to kayaking and canoeing, River Riders has a lot the to-do list! The crisp air and crunching of leaves beneath our feet has brought us inspiration. 
  This is the first Fall that we have The Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour during this time of the year. The vibrant colors of the trees make for a spectacular view of this beautiful and history-rich area. Imagine this breathtaking view from above the treeline!
  A new venture this year is our Halloween Haunt. This is an October Saturday exclusive except for the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Halloween Weekend. 

  We are excited to have this new attraction for you to enjoy. With this new event also comes new first-time challenges for the staff here at River Riders. From planning this new event to decorating as well working through the logistics, we really have our hands full! River Riders is so excited to share this first-time event and experience with all of you, adventurers! 

  The fun begins on October 1st; that's in just one week!  We have a lot to do this week. We hope that you decide to join us during it's inaugural year.

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