Thursday, February 25, 2016

Battle of the Trips!

One of our most popular questions from new guests and callers are things such as: "What's the difference between the Aerial Adventure Park?" or "Which trip is better for me and my group, the Adventure Park or Zip Line?"

Never fear because we have all the answers you need right here!

An important first question to ask yourself when booking an activity is "what kind of experience is my group looking for?" All of our activities provide different experiences so it's essential to evaluate your group and their comfort zones.

The Adventure Park is suitable for participants looking to be challenged on a physical and mental level. This activity has a fitness rating of medium - high. A.K.A.: Expect to break a sweat! There are nine courses that are coded by color - similar to a skii resort. One course, Chicken Little's, is specifically designed to keep children ages 4-6 active for the 2 or 4 hour reservation time.

Our courses run as follows: 2 orange/yellow (beginner), 3 green (intermediate), 2 blue (advanced), and 1 black (expert).

These courses offer 108 different elements! That means 2 or 4 hour climbs filled with rock walls, tight ropes, zip lines, rope ladders, chain bridges, and more! This activity is not guided but is monitored by staff from the ground.

Maybe you're not all about the challenges and more about views and thrills. If this is the case, the Zip Line Canopy Tour may provide a better experience.

From start to finish, the tour can last 2 - 4 hours. The Canopy Tour is made up of 8 zip lines, 2 bridges (one wood plank and the other net), and 4 1/2 ladders. As you make your way through the course, you'll enjoy gorgeous views as you soar alongside the Potomac River. Atop tower 3 the two guides leading your trip will give you a brief water break and a history lesson as you enjoy the view of the historic Hill Top House Hotel.

This activity has a low-medium fitness rating and takes up to 8 guests per trip time. Ages 4 and up can enjoy the Canopy Tour.

So which will it be? The challenging high ropes course or the thrilling zip line? YOU DECIDE!

Still not sure which trip is best for you and/or your group? Give us a call. 304-535-2663
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