Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Welcome Back Day 2016

  River Riders offers an exciting, adventurous atmosphere. It's no wonder that we have so many returning staff members show up to our annual Welcome Back Day. Many arrived at the Quality Inn Hotel, River Rider's newest addition to the family resort, on March 6, 2016 to find the faces of those they made memories with the season before.

  Welcome Back Day offers a brief outline of what to expect for the upcoming season, refreshing on previous emergency procedures, and a chance to update your employee information. As we walked into the banquet room, we were greeted with donuts, coffee, and the exciting smiles of team members that haven't seen each other in months!

  Just before lunch, everyone met with their department members and went over new information for the upcoming season. To our surprise, after having a wonderful lunch we were given a tour of the hotel and informed on all the renovations to come.

  As with every year, it is always a joy to see the staff who make River Riders such a memorable experience as an employee. 

  Though this may have been the last topic on the itinerary for shop, sales, and other staff members, it was not the last for the guides of River Riders.

  Welcome Back Day is also known as a refreshing day for guides who must participate in the P.T. test to be eligible to guide in the upcoming season. This test includes a series of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, dips, and a 2 mile run.

  Congratulations to all the guides who conquered the fitness test! We are all officially ready for summer. All we are waiting on is the weather and you!

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